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Getting Married

Who can be married?

Getting married at Christ Church is open to all. We are an inclusive church and our pastor supports all loving relationships. Marriage can be one of life’s richest and most rewarding times, and we’re honored to share it with you no matter who you are or who you love. 


Do I need to be a member? Do I need to take a class?

The answer to both is no. You must meet as a couple with the Pastor at least twice before the rehearsal to prep, plan, and go over the service. We can certainly talk about marriage and do some exercises to prepare you for the journey to come - but that's up to you!

What does it cost?

Reserving a wedding date requires a $100 non-refundable deposit which is applied to the total cost of the wedding. Final fees must be paid at least three weeks in advance. There is a wedding fee for members and non-members of Christ Church. The cost is generally $2000 for a non-member of the church, without the use of certain facilities (church fellowship hall and kitchen). Please contact the office for info about the fee schedule if you have questions.

Where do I begin? 

Set up an appointment with the church administrator to obtain a fee schedule, to tour the church, meet the staff, and connect with the Pastor. If you have specific questions about the service please contact the pastor.

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