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Getting Baptized

Open to all. Yes, everybody. The sacrament of baptism names and claims people as God's beloved. Are you parents of a new baby? Perhaps your child is no longer an infant but you feel now is the time for them to be baptized. Maybe you want to be baptized. Whatever your situation or where you are on life’s journey, we are excited for you and your family.

Do I/we have to be a member?

No. However, our congregation makes a pledge of spiritual support and care to the baptized person and their family. Although we do not reserve baptism for members of our church, you should probably consider having a relationship with our congregation. Being baptized at Christ Church means you will always have a connection to the people and the place. 

Do I/we have to take a class?

No. However, you should still know a bit about baptism and what it means. You have to meet with the Pastor once before the baptism is scheduled to talk about it.


Do you baptize children and adults?


When can a baptism be scheduled?

Baptisms can be celebrated during any 9:30 am worship service except major Christian holidays (Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday).

Where do I begin?

If you are considering baptism or having your child baptized, please email the church office or call 414-481-3530 to set up a meeting with the pastor.

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